Battle Fields
Summer grass shot coarse
uniform, child felt 
We were dressed for play dates 
in white velcro shoes.
	three straps ensure maximum grip
	thick soles support a growing foot

Like minded parents chat, 
right minded children listen;  
games made from manufactured mistakes

Pride based on the frequencies 
shoes hiss on and off we plot 
shoes strapped and unstrapped 
prepared for a musical down 


	A triad concludes 
	three freshly adhered straps 
	simultaneously ripped apart
I begin to run without readhesion.

left foot first out 
fought confinement
followed by its pair
too late to return and
soil drenched socks removed 
grass filled the voids.

Trapped in moments of necessity		 one must complete actions already in motion
I lost interest in returning to rubberized support


Rebellion came easy with Velcro shoes
and I became fluent in dismounting from 
what were taught to be structures of protection and stabilization.

Barefoot I began
to unearth a new image for 
the fields in which my childhood revolved around. 
until the day I came home with dirt under my toenails and hookworm on my sole.

My velcro shoes were promptly discarded
Dad taught me to tie a knot
Would I call you my Brother?
A dirty veil stuck to my figures
						 lost in your image

the fields where I once played 
	your courtrooms
The trees where I swung
	 your prisons 

I want to forget to remember but
I once would have met your requirements 
and can not evade the question.

	Crosses you burnt left ash under my nails