Jamison Edgar was born in Riverside, CA, raised in Atlanta, GA, and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA as a MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Georgia, Jamison spent two years living and making artwork between Atlanta and central Europe. In Pittsburgh, Jamison can be found in his studio (often covered in glitter), at a Blue Moon drag show, or eating vegan porgies at Apteka!

An interview between Jamison and Young Space Blog can be seen <<<Here>>>

Calling upon the collective memory of our great divas, dikes, faggots, tranies, and queens, my work offers space in which to explore the potentialities of an abstract queer orientation.  I interrogate cultural lexicons of community, and collect material residues of social geologies, fractured identities, and subversive forms of knowledge production.  

Remixing strategies of painting, sculpture, archiving, and collage, my work asks you to wade within a constantly shifting scale of visual and symbolic opacity. In my studio, I find comfort in contradictions and prioritizes the accumulation of fragments as one productive model for disrupting essentialist ideologies.  In recent projects this approach has lead me towards the scuffed floors of empty nightclubs, tabooed childhood desires, the archives of public sex, and most recently, the ways in which queer identities can be located within in the non-queer and the non-human. 

In her book, Queer Phenomenology, Sarah Ahmed speaks of queerness’s inherent sticky quality,  and through my own artistic practice, I aim to stick to the normative and the unquestioned – allowing my sappy-faggy-queer affect to gunk up these pillars of visible and invisible oppression.