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Jamison Edgar is a project-based visual artist making work at the intersections of painting, performance, and the queer archive. Calling upon the collective memory of our great divas, dikes, faggots, trannies, and queens, Jamison interrogates cultural lexicons of community – curating the material residues of social geologies, fractured identities, and subversive forms of knowledge production. In recent projects this approach has lead him towards the scuffed floors of empty nightclubs, tabooed childhood desires, the archives of public sex, and most recently, the ways in which queer identities can be located within the non-queer and the non-human.

Currently completing his MFA at Carnegie Mellon University, Jamison is often covered in glitter.  He was raised as straight child, and then again as a flaming faggot, in Atlanta, Georgia. Before moving to Pittsburgh in 2017, Jamison lived between the American South and Eastern Europe.  He has been invited to participate in artists residencies in both Germany and Hungary, and his exhibition history includes solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, as well as London, Berlin, Singapore, and Budapest.

Beyond his studio, Jamison maintains a critical writing practice. He is currently writing his MFA thesis on the theory of counterpublic “Anti-Archives”, and contributes Contemporary Performance Network.