Declarations are expected 

Southern rain tastes sweet

Martin Luther King Jr. own 124 roads in Georgia

When ironing a shirt first press the sides, then back, then the sleeves

Freedom is a sticky excuse

Mardi Gras beats hang from necks in summer

Southern pants are loose without a belt

Maryland likes to call itself a northern state

Cotton count controls bed sheet sales

Brotherhoods are siblings we mistrust 

The NSA steals sucks from dryers

Howard Finster forgot how to paint 

Snow is the devils dandruff

Formula 409 is not an all-purpose cleaner

One gallon of sweet tea is made with three cups of sugar

Churches are stained white

Women made the symbol, men made the codlict

There is a place where overalls never go out of style 

Every bottle of Coca-Cola contains water from Lake Altoona

Prisons seldom have bars

Mrs. Emily is missed dearly

The South has a ghost problem 

Compromise works three-piths of the time

Phoenix Arizona has nothing on Atlanta

Easter lilies always smell

Magnolias are forbidden fruit

Southern dragons wear satin scales

One NASCAR uses 40 wheels in a race

Hardee’s has identity issues

Ain’t can be found in the Webster Dictionary 

The War of Northern Aggression ended in 1865

The South Will Rise Again, Again

Dye never sticks to human flesh

Bleach isn't the cure for all stains

Tom should have just painted the damn fence

Southern standards stand staring 

Dogwoods make good hunters

Baptism is a powerful tool

Maids are paid to clean under rugs

Some artists paint fire on crosses

Grists are girls raised in the south

Pot perennials in porcelain

Before there were shoes, there were slaves 

Beware of pile-ups on the beltway

Kudzu is a foreign goes 

Fried Chicken is never served burnt 

Alabama loves the gays

Football taught in college classes

Stamps feed the mailmen 

Privilege paints a dirty scene

History is ugly Underwear

I is a tricky phrase

One must pay for extra baggage

Dentist used to cut hair

like-minded parents chat

Right-minded children listen

Family trees seem sweet

Scarlet cares more than most 

Blue collars make the most

Table talk sap drips from empty ears

South Carolina was first in flight

Georgia peaches never sour

Building Churches tales a study fist

Plantations are the main attraction

This is Our land

Slurs never strike the same tree twice

Petting zoos protect their asses

Banjos sing through the night

War replaced the railroad 

Touchdowns trigger chapel bells 

Tar sticks for generations 

Textbooks teach the winning game 

Sunday schools teach the gossip

Mississippi gambled and lost

Modern plumbing is tired of our shit

After school Programs cant keep up

150 years is a southern half life

Moby wast the only white dick

Fuck, we don't give a fuck

games are played on soupy asphalt

Bless her heart are wicked words

Gilded cracks still break

Isn’t the South something

All grandmothers are Southern

Atlanta is a blue state

The Appalachian Mountains fought on both sides

Honey Boo Boo has a college fund 

Dutch Ovens never forget

it is hard to forget to remember 

Blame is a hot potato

Shames is a privileged games 

Leave hot tea for the Yankies

Humidity laughs at our relief 

We are never too big for Elastic Britches

Count more than your blessings 

Families bond on front porches

There is a fight over yonder

Window enclose and expose

We sell fools gold

Deals are sealed by hand

Picking a word makes it scar

Pinstripes ass c;ass

Southern pride is a thick hide

Time moves slower in the heat

Sumer grass shot course 

Children fidget in wet trousers 

Ash is residue with a lineage 

Steal magnolias always sink

Forgive nor Forget

Apples are for pies

Peaches are for cobbler

Horses run in tight blinders

America began as a Southern state

Mothers love their tongue-tied children

City-fried steak does have the same ring

red clay pools in cuffed jeans

Say Howdy and be rowdy

Men Hunt in Cameo Campers

Y’all might could be confusing

Hospitality makes up for cleanliness

Southern Belles look to Charlotte

Dip stains and remains

Once a bother always a brother

The geese fly souther for winter

Sometimes only preacher prayers will do

There is a lid for every skillet

The Mason-Dixon one does not lie

Grey will never be the new Black

Battle fields are picnic-esque 

Insurgencies is a foreign phrase 

Crops plated on rainy days harvest with funny Rays

Polish silver counter clockwise

Shoes are optional accessories

Gentlemen look best in seersucker suits

History passes slower than molasses

Buttered biscuits make the cut

Shotgun shells litter the ranger

Rope is a clue killer