Report Card

On January 1st American families eat a New Years meal. 
I help mom wrap dimes in tinfoil so she can mix them into the black-eyed peas. 
Dad sleeps through tackles on ESPN. Jillian washes greens. 
At four I put the roast in the oven. 

We eat on gold rim plates with polished forks. 
Last year mom bought scarlet napkins from T.J. Maxx
5:30 diner is served:
Pork for Luck, Cornbread for Gold, Peas for Power, Greens for Privilege.

Before eating your New Year Meal, It is important to say grace. 
Mothers might demand a preacher prayer on days like this.

eat your peas first; count the coins in your lap.
Then pork, and finally wash the greens down with cornbread.
I hate turnip greens but on January 1st you eat your plate clean.

After dinner, we wash dishes
Dad goes back to Atlanta. Jillian tries to sleep off a headache. 
Mom gets dressed for work, and I recount my coins
in the living room watching Scooby Doo.