Jamison Edgar

Can big data be queered? How else can we collect, store, and embody queer history?

In this ongoing research and performance project, a shifting roster of queer performers undertakes an embodied investigation of a dataset of queer histories and artifacts, sourced from queer archives around the United States and Canada. Algorithms and strategies of data collection and categorization are transformed into choreographic scores. Information and affect travel between archival storage and the living body.

Dance Film (Phillidelphia, PA) April 2021

Kelly Strayhorn Theater (Pittsburgh, PA)October 2019
Jamison Edgar, Philip Wesley Gates, Moriah Ella Mason, Trevor C. Miles, Amelia Reuss, and Khajya Thomas.
Sound by Jessica Fuquay.

Powder Room (Pittsburgh, PA) May 2019
Sowmya, Jamison Edgar, Philip Wesley Gates, Ty Greenwood, Summer Jade Leavitt, and Janine Paulson.

︎: Beth Bardis