Jamison Edgar

To the sounds of a Lady-Gaga-inspired bassoon quartet, a giant flower dances with their own reflections

, 2021, 4k video, 00:07:30

In 2007 the U.S. South was facing the worst drought in 100 years. A decision was made to cancel Atlanta Pride in order to protect the city's grasses during the height of the dry season. 30 miles outside of the city Lake Sidney Lanier (named for the most famous poet/composer of the Confederacy) was drying up. PLUNGE is a dance video of faggy disruption. Echos of Lanier's "Wind Song" can be heard between beats. Light, mist, and projections illuminate the flower’s choreography within a lineage of counterculture protest. Movement is borrowed from pop divas and composed in homage to late-aughts music videos.

Music composed in collaboration with Joshua Brown
Music performed by the Carnegie Mellon Bassoon Quartet